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We're glad you’ve stumbled upon, where the main topic of discussion centers on legal sports betting and what options are out there for those looking to bet real money legally online. For residents living in the U.S., this site could be of particular importance to you, based on the fact that sports betting is very limited within the country's borders. What you'll find by reading through this page and the rest of our site, is that legal sports betting can be done at many sites where Americans are accepted.

Breaking down legal sportsbooks is also an important aspect of this site. You will find plenty of choices to go with and many details about different sports betting sites will be provided. There are common parts that make up a sportsbook, and it's recommended that you learn about what the anatomy of an online sportsbook is before jumping into one and betting. The difference could be great in terms of finding a sportsbook that a player is comfortable with, knowing what is available, and most importantly is the sportsbook compatible with the type of player looking to create an account?

Are Online Sportsbooks Legal In The U.S?

Online sportsbooks are legal for bettors in the U.S. to play, however these betting sites must meet certain requirements. First and foremost, they cannot actually be located in the United States. That seems rather counterproductive that a sportsbook accepting Americans is not in the U.S. This is the way it must be for an online sports gambling website to be considered a legal sportsbook. This is because the operation of an online sportsbook is banned in the U.S. under the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. But the most important part to know here is that you as the bettor are not breaking the law by placing the bet. This makes online sports betting sites operating outside of the U.S. legal to create accounts and wager.

Best Sportsbooks That Are Legal For USA Players

Since this is a site dedicated to legal sportsbooks, of course we're going to have plenty of them available for you to check out. Below are five of our best online sports betting sites accepting a wide range of different countries, include bettors from the United States!

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Bovada Sportsbook

Legal sportsbooks don't get any better than what can be found when visiting Bovada. Among the most popular aspect of Bovada is the fact that they cater to American players, and market quite a bit to them. This is evident in the betting lines that are found on site, as well as in the deposit methods that are available for account holders to fund an account.

Quick Facts:

Requires bettors to be at least 18 years old to legally bet, or the legal gambling age in their area
Legally accepts players in 46 of the 50 U.S. states (No DE, MD, NJ, NV)
Offers several legal deposit options for American players, including credit cards
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BetOnline Sportsbook

It's a pleasure to talk about BetOnline as one of the top-rated legal sportsbooks because they offer a ton of great things to their players. BetOnline accepts all 50 states to create a new account, provided that the minimum legal age to gamble is met. The sportsbook operates based out of Panama, and does not violate those stipulations of the UIGEA.

Quick Facts:

Popular methods used to deposit at BetOnline include VISA, American Express and wire transfers
Uses bank checks, cash wire transfers + other methods to pay players quickly and efficiently
One of the most trusted sports betting websites that allows all U.S. players to join; must be at least 18
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SportsBetting is a sportsbook that operates under the same company as the one in charge of BetOnline, so it also ranks up there as one of the best around. SportsBetting features a great legal sports betting arena for players from many countries to come in and join, including residents from the United States. The rules and regulations here at SportsBetting are very easy to follow, and straightforward to understand.

Quick Facts:

Allows all Americans that meet the legal age to bet are welcome; all 50 U.S. states accepted
Users must meet the minimum age to bet in their state to wager here; usually 18 or 21 years old
Multiple deposit methods are flexible + allow users to fund accounts and bet within minutes of joining
Legal Sportsbooks
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Sports Betting FAQ - The Questions You've Asked The Most...

We get questions everyday and patterns start to emerge over time. That is where the idea for this section comes from and it's mission is to answer all the questions you might have before you actually ask them. Maybe we help clear things up for our readers by being pre-emptive but you can feel free to send your questions to us. We'll be glad to help.

Is It Legal For Americans To Go Online To Bet Real Money On Sports?

It is legal to bet real money at these sites for a player living in the United States. Obviously there are stipulations that have to be met. The first is that the player be of legal age to bet. The second is that the site must operate outside of the U.S. Even if the sportsbook is located in the U.S., that wouldn't be on the player - it would be the site that runs the risk of being penalized. Any site that we mention here provides legal real-money wager options, and easy ways to do it.

Are Online Sportsbooks Legit? Can I trust Them?

You will find that there are many online sportsbooks out there, the majority of which are legit. We can say with extreme confidence that the sites found here are very legit, and come highly recommended from a variety of outlets. You can find licenses and certifications at the individual sites as well, backing the fact that they are a legit operation. Outside of that, the reputation of a site by word of mouth is very important as well.

Are There Deposit Methods That Aren't Legal?

The thing about legal deposit methods and why we use that term is to reassure readers and bettors that it's legal to bet money at a site. The problem that can arise with American players comes at the hands of the UIGEA, which can hinder a deposit from going through a bank or credit card company. This is not because it's illegal; it's simply the choice of the bank to not process the transaction. It can happen, but in that case other methods like a wire transfer are available.

What Are Some Common Legal Deposit Methods Found At Sportsbooks?

Typically bettors will see credit cards offered, wire transfers, money orders, and for international players a variety of e-wallets. In terms of credit cards, Visa is very common but American Express follows close. For the wire transfer, Western Union or a MoneyGram are seen quite a bit. So there are some high quality and safe choices for those who might have had doubts. Each sportsbook will have its own set of funding options though; there is no industry standard for which deposit methods must be included.

What Are My Legal Payout Options + How Do I Get Paid From A Sportsbook?

The specific payout options will be determined by each of the legal USA sportsbooks individually, just like with depositing. Not all methods will be the same. With that being said, bettors can expect to receive checks in the mail, wire transfers, money orders, cashier's checks, and more. The important factors with payouts include the time is takes to receive, coupled with any potential payout fees that might come along with a withdrawal from a sportsbook.

U.S. Laws Relating To Sports Betting

Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act - The UIGEA states that gambling businesses cannot knowingly accept a payment made for a bet or wager. The act of placing a bet is not banned, merely the process of accepting it is.

Federal Wire Act - This law applies only to sports betting and no other type of gambling in the U.S. The Wire Act prohibits gambling businesses from using a form of wire communication to help with the process of allowing a wager to be made. Placing a bet is again left out.

Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act - Relates to land-based sports betting, but still very relevant. Sports betting is banned on land in every state but Nevada, Delaware, Montana, and Oregon. The first two (Nevada and Delaware) are the only states that currently feature legal sports betting on land in the U.S.

Legal Sportsbooks
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