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I had a long conversation with my wife recently about my obsession with legal sportsbooks that are available online. Although she was sympathetic to my passion, I still don’t think she understands the skill and joy that is involved in betting on my favorite teams. That is part of the reason that I am writing this BetOnline review, so she and others that are trepidatious about checking out online sports betting sites can feel at ease.

BetOnline is, simply put, an endless bastion of betting activity. Not one to be pigeonholed, this site offers everything from poker to horse racing, but the Sportsbook is where they really shine. For instance, you can place a wager on your favorite game over the phone, and then access the live/in-game betting feature to place bets on all aspects of the action as the odds update live in front of your eyes. You will find every professional sport in this sportsbook, as well as most semi-pro, college, and amateur sports. There are even political and entertainment odds if you want to go that direction. The possibilities are only as limited as your imagination.

Throughout this BetOnline review, we will cover many topics. First, we will go over the legal aspects so you can feel completely comfortable when placing your bets. After that we will get in to the nitty gritty of what BetOnline has to offer. We will cover deposits, payouts, bonuses, and features. You will probably be drooling like a rabid dog to join this site after you are done reading this, so fair warning.

Is BetOnline A Legal Sportsbook For US Bettors?

The answer is yes. Contrary to what some people might have told you, there are many legal online sportsbooks out there, and BetOnline is one of the most popular ones. There are a few things that a site must do in order to operate legally. In America, there are not many options for opening a sports betting business because of the three federal laws. We will look at these laws and how they affect sports betting, and show you exactly why BetOnline has been doing their thing for over a decade with impunity.

The Wire Act of 1961 is the first law you should learn about. This Act was originally intended to battle organized crime involved with wagering. The Act officially bans the use of wire communication devices sending betting information across state lines. As you can imagine, the internet is considered a “wire communication device”, so this law still affects us. Luckily, the law only targets sportsbooks that are located in America. 5Dimes operates out of Panama City, in the Republic of Panama. This means that the Wire Act has no jurisdiction where 5Dimes comes from.

The second law to get a grasp on is the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA). This law, created in 1992, restricts which states can offer sports betting events in America. The PASPA came in to play at a time when there were many nefarious sports betting rings around, and laid down the law harshly. The PASPA makes it so that only four states are able to offer legal sports betting now. Out of those four, only Nevada and Delaware have regulated bookmaking, so they are the only two states where you will find legitimate sports betting in America. Luckily, BetOnline exists outside the PASPA’s sphere of influence, and is governed by a much more lenient legal system.

The last law that we will put on your radar is the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) of 2006. This is the most recent law to have an impact on legal online sportsbooks. The UIGEA restricts much of the way an American sports betting site is able to send and receive payments. BetOnline, however, is only affected in a small way. Overseas legal online sportsbooks are not allowed to send money to a player in the US via a credit/debit transfer. This is nothing more than a small hindrance, as BetOnline and many sites like it offer numerous fast and safe payout methods that don’t go directly to a card.

Can All US Residents Join BetOnline?

BetOnline is in located in a sunny paradise across the Atlantic, which also gives it the advantage of being able to accept players from all 50 states in the USA. Because of laws such as the Wire Act, if an online sportsbook is in America, only residents from the state that it is in would be able to use it. BetOnline is able to legally take residents of every state that are over 18 years old. If you want to be absolutely safe, you can take a look at your state law in regards to the betting age. Many states set the age at around 21. If this is the case for your state, you might want to wait until you are that age before joining BetOnline. While no one over 18 has ever been in trouble for using the site, this is an extra precaution if you want to put your mind completely at ease.

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What Are The Best Legal Deposit Options At BetOnline?

The first thing you will want to do after signing up at BetOnline and exploring the sportsbook is make an initial deposit. This will add funds to your account so you can start wagering on your favorite games or events. BetOnline offers many great deposit options including credit/debit cards, cash wire transfers, money orders, and bitcoin. Each method comes with differing speeds, fees, and limits, so it is a good idea to read the instructions before making a deposit.

The most popular way to deposit funds is simply using your credit/debit card. BetOnline accepts Visa, MasterCard, America Express, Discover, JVB, and Diner’s Club cards. Head to the online cashier and choose your card type, enter the information along with the deposit amount, and your account will be credited in minutes. There is a 6.5% fee for credit/debit deposits, and a minimum of $50 with a maximum of $3,500.

What Are The Fastest Legal Payout Methods At BetOnline?

Payouts are arguably the most important part of a legal online sportsbook, because if you can’t reliably collect your winnings, there is no point in betting. BetOnline makes this process simple and fast, with many great payout options. You will find MoneyGram, Western Union, check by courier, bank wires, bitcoin, and more. As with deposits, each payout method will come with varying fees, limits, and speeds, so read the instructions before choosing a method.

Most people like to request payouts by way of check. While this takes a little longer than other methods, it is completely anonymous and avoids banks, which many people like. A check from BetOnline will usually arrive within a week, and you can cash it at your local bank. There is a $25 fee for each check payout, and the minimum is $500, while the maximum is $2,500. If you would like to withdraw a smaller amount, check out MoneyGram and Western Union, two other popular payout methods.

What Types Of Deposit Bonuses And Promotions Does BetOnline Offer?

BetOnline is rife with extra incentives that make joining today a no-brainer. A moot point. Their 50% welcome bonus, for instance, offers more than enough reason to at least sign up and check the site out. This will reward your first deposit with up to $1,000 in bonus cash. All you need to do is enter the promo code, which changes with the sports season but is always listed on the promotions page, when you make your first deposit. There is a ten times rollover for this bonus, meaning you have to spend the deposit amount ten times over before receiving the cash. Still, this is a great way to boost your initial bankroll.

You will also find a reload bonus at BetOnline, which works much like the welcome reward but gives you free cash on top of every qualifying deposit you ever make. The reload bonus can reward a deposit that is over $50 with up to $1,000. Again, there is a ten times rollover for this reward. If the site just gave away money like this without these stipulations, they would go broke in a week. There are many other promos and bonuses at BetOnline, so check out the promotions page and get in on the action.

Does BetOnline Have Live In-Game Betting?

Have you ever been late to bet on a game, or wished that you could place a new wager on that interception or missed free throw? With BetOnline, you can wager from anywhere with the free mobile option and bet during a live game with up-to-the-second odds with live betting. These unique features make BetOnline something of a wonder to behold. Mobile betting does not require a download, and can be accessed from pretty much any mobile device with an internet connection. Live betting is simply a sportsbook dedicated to a live game that has ever-shifting odds that you can bet on until the game is over. This is the most exciting way to bet on a game, and I am absolutely addicted to it.

What Types Of Deposit Bonuses And Promotions Does BetOnline Offer?

BetOnline is the best sportsbook for all of the reasons we listed above, and much more that I will leave you to discover on your own. I don’t want to ruin all the surprises; I basically just want to legitimize my passion so my wife leaves me alone. Maybe she will join in on the fun after she reads this. Anyways, BetOnline is the best legal online sportsbook you are going to find this century, so jump on board. There is nothing to fear but fear itself. And snakes. Watch out for snakes.

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